For the second year running, as part of the Enjoia’t Awards, we are organizing the Joid’art Enjoia’t 2013 Award. The winner will design one of our upcoming collections. Fancy taking part?

Enjoia’t, the Contemporary Jewellery Awards, is a unique event in the sector and is organized by A-Fad. For the past 19 years it has been recognizing the most outstanding ideas in the field of jewellery from both professionals and students.

From the 20 semi-finalists, a Joid’art jury will select the winner of the Joid’art Enjoia’t Award, who will be given the chance to develop a collection with us. During the evening we will also be showcasing the collection that last year’s winner, Jordi Aparicio, has created for us, which will go on to form part of the new S/S14 collection.

The selection phase for the award ends on 12 July. Check out the rules and apply here.


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