Many fashion brands have gone for blue as the star colour of their spring/summer collections, so naturally Joid’art stepped up to the plate.

We’re seeing blue in every outfit, every cosmetic collection, every accessory and on every catwalk. It’s that blue that’s somewhere between velvet and electric. Combined with white, black, metallic, gold or even fuchsia, there’s no look that it doesn’t enhance.

In the Joid’art collections you’ll find it in the following pieces:

- Blended with sea green in the Elsa creations.
- In the form of little enamel dots in the Angelika and Candy creations.
- Within the circles of the Oana collection.
- In the enamels of the always impeccable Carola and Joana pieces.
- Enhancing the Mediterranean-inspired stained glass of the Gaudí range.


Total look de Kassia Strauss by vogue

joidart_blue_SS13_1 joidart_blue_SS13_4 joidart_blue_SS13_5 joidart_blue_SS132 joidart_blue_SS133joidart_blue_SS13_6

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