Personality means choosing how you want to live. Knowing who you want to be. Deciding where you want to go. And sometimes, achieving it… The new Joid’art AW13 creations evoke deep feelings full of character.

This season, Joid’art is targeting women with personality. Artistic. Freedom-loving. Absolutely confident. Capable of changing without losing her essence. Like her, the new AW13 collections originated in abstract shapes before becoming sculptural pieces. Compositions inspired by worlds of serenity, natural creations and contemporary works of art.

Warm lines worked with ancestral techniques. Irregular geometries. Spontaneous gestures. Imperfect finishes and roughened textures that evoke deep feelings. Balanced tones of gold, ochre and silver, contrasting with notes of colour. Solid pieces that are also lightweight, moving to the rhythm of silent melodies.

new collection Vinyet of contemporary jewellery Joid'art AW13

New collection Feullies contemporary jewellery Joid'art AW13

New collection Lora of contemporary jewellery Joid'art AW13

New collection Vera of contemporary jewellery Joid'art AW13

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