Rossana Fani is an Italian jewellery designer who we love for the simplicity of her creations. She uses basic materials in original combinations that make her pieces unique.

Rossana experimented in various fields before dedicating herself to the world of jewellery: fashion design, decoration of crockery, window-dressing, graphic design and making fabric bags are just some of the disciplines that have contributed to her creative resources and led her to alight in the world of jewellery.

A lover of the lost wax technique, she claims not to follow fashions or trends but rather her own instincts with the aim of experimenting and growing in the shaping of her pieces.

Her collections are named after women and share that irresistible vintage look that sweeps you off to the bucolic scenery of her native Florence. You can find them all on her website.


rossana-fani   Rossana-Fani Rossana-Fani Rossana-Fani

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