This coming Thursday, Barcelona plays host to the most important contemporary jewellery event in Spain. It is also the most international of jewellery shows and the one that attracts the most well-known artists. It is Joya, the contemporary jewellery week which this year is being held for the fifth time.

The show takes place this year from 17 to 19 October at the Convent dels Àngels (the headquarters of the FAD) in Plaça dels Àngels 5-6, Barcelona, so you’ve got no excuse to miss it.

Every year, Joya selects the top jewellery students, new designers and well-known artists and offers them a unique opportunity to showcase and sell their collections. The aim is to promote the work of both Spanish and international artists and give the general public a closer insight into the world of contemporary jewellery. It is also a platform for interaction between guest artists, gallerists and jewellery schools: somewhere they can share their thoughts and views about signature jewellery.

It is well worth paying a visit to Joya for the aesthetic quality of the selected artists, the fantastic atmosphere of the show and the tremendous burst of creativity encapsulated in a single space. Every year we manage to discover new ideas and creators that amaze us.

In addition, Joya will be hosting the special presentation of the second Joid’art Enjoia’t award which we will be introducing shortly. And the Joya hall will be exhibiting the piece that we developed with Jordi Aparicio, the winner of the first Joid’art Enjoia’t award in 2012. It’s going to be a very exciting event!

Joya, contemporary jewellery show in Barcelona 2013

Joya, contemporary jewellery show in Barcelona 2013

JOYA 2012 from tendenciastv on Vimeo.

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