Barcelona Visions is a site that aims to be a benchmark for the appreciation, promotion and dissemination of photography in Barcelona. We like it already!

It is situated very close to the Joid’art store on Calle Montcada, just a few steps from the Picasso Museum, at Carrer Banys Vells no. 7.

The locale is a gallery space open to anyone interested in quality photography on Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. Its aim is to show visitors all the different shots and viewpoints the city has to offer. To do so, Barcelona Visions collaborates with all kinds of centres, clubs and groups who want to promote and disseminate their photography as either a piece of artwork or a consumer product.

The space is divided into an exhibition room, a reference area containing specialist books on Barcelona and photography, and a third area selling products related to photography and Barcelona.

This is an initiative that takes you on a journey of discovery of the thousand-and-one facets of Barcelona through the lenses of different cameras. Fancy joining us on the trip?

space on photography in barcelona

space on photography in barcelona

space on photography in barcelona space on photography in barcelona

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