‘We like artists’ is the new section we have introduced for both our blog and our creative universe. The idea is to get closer (and bring you closer) to the artists we like, that inspire us and, through all forms of expression, speak our language. Some are connected to our brand. Others, although not directly linked, have much in common with our understanding of the world of art, creativity and jewellery. We kicked off with Lara Costafreda in January and this month we have caught up with accessories designer, Tània Sala. Want to know more?

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Tània is the heart, soul and masterful hands behind the Maorita accessories project. Pure delicacy.Absolute simplicity. Guided by her artistic vision, Tània carefully selects her fabrics and moulds them into the unique pieces that became part of the Joid’art &The Barcelona Makers collection last Christmas.
She has a degree in Art History, works as a secondary school teacher and is a mother of two. And she also knows how to tune into her artistic side, setting her talent free to roam amongst her needles, thread and fabrics. We love her ability to translate her creativity into all the facets of her life, the passion she puts into her sewing and the way she looks at the world through laughing eyes.

The beauty of her bags and scarves speaks for itself but we wanted to interview her to delve a little deeper and find out what she thinks of our collections.

Tania, define yourself in three words.
Respectful, dynamic and cheerful.

How and when did Maorita come about?
It was sparked by family tradition – sewing machines have always been a part of my universe. My mother likes to sew and my father comes from a family of tailors. So my relationship with dressmaking is something I’ve lived and breathed from a very young age. To start with it was something I liked to play at and then, as I got older, my interest grew. I started with simple pieces, creating bags and accessories for myself. But friends and family started commissioning custom pieces for themselves and that was the start of Maorita, back in 2012.

Where did the name ‘Maorita’ come from?
It comes from my fascination with New Zealand’s aboriginal culture, the Maoris. And I added the first two letters of my name, Tània, to the end.

Where does Maorita fit in terms of priorities in your life?
After my family, Maorita is a place where I can practice my craft and explore my creative side – it fulfils me.

What inspires you?
Landscapes, emotions, an illustration, a conversation …

A fabric

A place

An attitude

A work of art
‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt

What are your favourite pieces of Joid’art jewellery?
I particularly like the Lyra collection because it has an ethnic flavour, as well as the Iona collection, for its simplicity and elegance.

Which pieces do you think work best with your own creations?
The earrings in the Lyra collection look great with my winter infinity scarves and I like Iona with the more springtime scarves.

Among other places, Tánia’s creations can be found in the Joid’art &The Makers of Barcelona selection at the Joid’art Barcelona store in Carrer Call no. 18, as well as the Joid’art Girona store in Carrer Argenteria no. 11.

Maorita for Joid'art

Maorita for Joid'art

Maorita for Joid'art

Maorita for Joid'art

Maorita for Joid'art

Maorita for Joid'art

Maorita for Joid'art

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