Spring is in the air in the better part of the planet. As are Joid’art’s latest #SomethingAboutYou creations; from the United States to Japan, in Russia and a multitude of European capitals. If your globetrotting this Easter break, you’ll be able to enjoy Joid’art in a variety of specialist jewellery establishments. Here are just a few of our recommendations.

They are spaces with contemporary decor that is very much in keeping with our creations. The light, the materials, the decoration and design are all the elements that create the perfect setting for our new SS16 collections.

In Germany you can find us in Meink in Bad Kissingen (Ludwigstrasse, 14), a minimalist gallery where jewellery is treated with the utmost delicacy.

Leipzig is another German city where you’ll find our creations,  in an establishment by the name of Hübener an oasis of good taste. It’s located at Menckestrasse 41. We suggest you get lost in the old town. In the Drallewatsch area there are thousands of interesting establishments.

In the ‘Stores’ section of our website you’ll find many other establishments around the world that carry our new #SomethingAboutYou collection. If there isn’t a store near you, don’t forget that our creations are always available on

Jewellry Joid'art SS16 around the world

jewels online shop Joid'art

Jewellry Joid'art SS16 around the world

jewels online shop Joid'art

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