There are places that you want to be in. Because everything they transmit is pleasant and aesthetic. Because in them you can switch off, feel good and discover things that you like. Joid’art stores are spaces like this. Small oases of simplicity where every detail is designed so that you can fully experience our creations.

They are changing environments that will always surprise you. For example, the store in Carrer Montcada in Barcelona, located next to the Picasso Museum, has just had a makeover: total white, with a mint tone on the walls.

These are living spaces that we change frequently so that there is always something new for you. They help you to find out what is behind each piece of jewellery, and they present all our products in an honest way, close at hand. They are situated in areas of historical and architectural interest. So on your way to them, you can enjoy the environment.

If you have the opportunity, visit those in Barcelona and Girona. In our directory of stores, you’ll find all the addresses. If the stores are too far away from you, or you prefer digital experiences, our online store,, is always open for you.



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