The new Ilusiona collection, designed by Cristina Julià, is inspired by the designer’s pictorial works, which are a reinterpretation of Peter Alexander’s resin sculptures. The jewellery plays with light and gradations of colour that evolve with every piece.

Influenced by Alexander’s work with light, Cristina Julià has produced the paintings shown here. Each painting has enabled her to become ‘immersed in the universe of colour and its intensities’, as she puts it. On this basis, she has built the essence of this new collection, which intertwines delicate shapes with bold colours.

Now and again, as on this occasion, Cristina makes a departure from her usual work to create jewellery. Other times it’s the jewellery she designs that feed her personal work. A creative symbiosis on which she builds her own aesthetic universe.

The rings, necklaces and earrings in the Ilusiona collection are made up of enamelled metal strips that change shade from a silver or gold base. The matte silver option goes from grey to blue. The gold-plated version goes from green to fuchsia. Each item is a little tree of light that sways in time to the movements of the woman wearing it.

Come and see them shine on and in Joid’art stores.


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