New Year’s Eve tends to be full of music, fun, laughter and heartfelt emotions. There are always dozens of good wishes flying around, hundreds of photos and videos and images that will be engraved on our memories forever. That’s why it’s well worth getting dressed up the evening. The jewellery in the Freda collection is perfect for this very special event.

Freda means ‘cool’, which dovetails very well with the last night of the year (especially if you live in northern climes). Apart from this coincidence, this collection of jewellery by Sara Domènech is so simple and so unique that you can wear it in different ways. The necklace is the core piece of the collection: two texturized circles that meet and separate however you like –simply move them using the silk thread that links them. The necklace can also be used as a bracelet by winding it several times around your wrist.

The earrings and rings complete your party look without appearing overdone. The collection comes in silver finish with black plating, matt golden metal or matt silver. Choose the set that goes best with your outfit, create a hairdo that flatters your features, slip on the perfect dancing shoes and get set to party this New Year’s Eve!


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