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Behind an aesthetic creation there is always a pair of perceptive hands. And behind the new Joid’art SS17 collections lie the hands, heart and soul of artists who express their sensitivity through our jewellery.

Pure forms and unexpected volumes. Flowers, branches and explosions of nature turned into compositions that feature movement as their mantra. Conceptual jewellery. Imperfect strokes weaving intricate outlines in silver and gold-plated metal. The colours of the sea and earth bathed in a cosmos of enamels. Ceramics resplendent in white. Abstracts that caress the contours of the air. Earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets that brim with life. Intense and surprising. Naturally different. Free textures. With unique hand-made finishes.


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Soulful jewellery that bears the hallmark of its creators. Find an advance of the first creations already available on joidart.com and Joid’art stores.





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