Love cannot be explained, or smelled, or tasted, or heard… It can only be felt. When it is intense you can touch it with your fingertips. Or gently caress the invisible halo it leaves on your skin. Love unites, ties, embraces, brings opposites together and makes them into something unique. That’s the way the sculptress Sara Domènech understands it and feels it. And she expresses it in the new Together collection, which she has created especially for Valentine’s Day.

Together is jewellery in which two circles entwine; one completely flat and hand-scratched, the other plain and curved slightly upwards on one side. Its shapes are an ode to love, to the symbiosis between two different bodies that together form something supreme and artistic, a seamless whole fed by strength of feeling.

If you feel love and you’re thinking of Valentine’s Day, Together is the perfect gift. Because it sends a sincere message in the rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the collection. In matte silver, perfect for deep, serene love stories, and in gold-plated matte metal for loves full of light.



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