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It all starts with someone. Someone able to capture the intensity of a moment. To abstract the shapes of a landscape. Interpret the nuances of light. Vibrate to the rhythm of the waves. Feel the strength of all that is alive. And turn it into art. Inspiration requires insight. Behind an aesthetic creation there is always a pair of perceptive hands.

Behind the new Joid’art SS17 collections lie the hands, heart and soul of artists who express their sensitivity through our jewellery. Berta Riera, Cristina Julià, Dàlia Jurado, Nuri Negre Herzing, Sara Domènech and Andreu Carulla are multidisciplinary artists who have incorporated the language of precious metal craftsmanship into their work. This campaign puts them firmly in the spotlight as is only fitting for such unique creators. Joid’art artisans mould their designs into pieces that beat silently with beauty and authenticity. They are available on joidart.com and Joid’art stores.

The campaign model is Raquel San Nicolás, singer, actress, model and writer.


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