‘Cherry branches with downy buds about to burst into bloom.’ That’s how designer and Joid’art creative director, Cristina Julià describes the new Flowerbloom jewellery collection, the must-have for this spring and summer.

Its design is a symbolic trip to the heart of spring. The power of plants bursting into bloom surrounded by branches, building genuine forms. Every bloom is a circle tracing spontaneous compositions that are full of movement. A collection with a contemporary take on Nature’s rejuvenating power.


Maxi earrings down to the shoulder, bangles to wear on the upper or lower arm, necklaces of all lengths and a ring with two oval pieces that you’ll want to wear forever. They come with matte silver and gold-plated matte metal finish. Hand-scratched, their imperfection gives them great personality and makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Flowerbloom are shoots of new life. Fancy a closer look? Check them out at Joid’art stores or on joidart.com.


Cristina Julià is an artist and graphic designer. Family tradition is what bonds her and Joid’art. She studied Fine Arts (UAB) and Graphic Design (EINA). Her experience in the creative field was forged by working at different graphic design and branding agencies in Barcelona; in the development of her personal artistic projects; and in what has been her main activity in recent years: creative brand management.



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