Med winds is a brand inspired by the Mediterranean and born in the Raval district of Barcelona in the Spring of 2011. What was the idea behind it? To create collections of clothes and accessories that reflect a particular and unique lifestyle, a ‘Med’ lifestyle, which Llorenç Fluxà and his team have been committed to promoting.

Their garments have a real air of Joid’art, which is very Mediterranean, and with which we wholeheartedly identify. Med winds is all about living with a little bit of sand in your pocket and leaving a slight trace of sea breeze in your wake.


Our new SS17 collections go like a dream with Joid’art pieces. The outfits show that both brands are truly Made in the Med.


Apart from questions of style, Med winds is also a brand with principles. Production takes place in small workshops in the Mediterranean and our suppliers and materials are also local. The passion of those who create each and every one of the products makes for unique results: imperfect yes, but excellent quality. They also collaborate with non-profit organisations that fight to preserve the Mediterranean coastline. Med winds is a cause.


You can visit Med winds at their online store and also in stores across Europe. See our jewellery on and in Joid’art stores.

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