Pepaloves is a brand that one falls in love with at first sight. Its cheerful, innocent and colourful clothes have an alternative look to them, with an underground feel that gives them a special personality all their own. At Joid’art we are totally enamoured by their patterns and simple cuts that keep monotony at bay. Our SS17 jewellery is a perfect match for their creations.

Pepaloves is a project led by three siblings from Malaga: Rafa, Marya and Alicia, who, in the wake of their mother Pepa, first threw themselves into the business of selling clothes, before then going on to customise them, and, finally, to designing them.


Their vintage-inspired garments are often set off by frills and bows, and also with innocent patterns that take us back to bygone days. We have chosen the ones we love the most from this season and combined them with the new Joid’art By collections.


Wouldn’t you love to try all this out right now? Well it’s actually not that difficult: you can find their designs at, in their shops in the Fuencarral Market, or in shops all over the world. And, of course, our jewellery at and in Joid’art stores.


One more thing: as well as being good designers, at Pepaloves they are also kind to the planet. None of their products come from animals and they only use good-quality materials that respect the planet and those who live on it. We don’t need to say anything else.

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