No matter what, we will always love our mothers, from now to eternity. Because it all started with her. Because we are united by an invisible and indestructible bond. A bond strong enough to last a lifetime. From the very first heartbeat. From the very first hug.

And Mother’s Day is almost upon us. And those of us who consider ourselves to be ultra-modern say we are not interested in things like that. But then our children give us a drawing and our hearts just melt. It is in those moments that we realise that this is a bond that multiplies; becoming raised to the power of infinity and expanding in all directions in the form of love. And we have decided that Mother’s Day is our day as well. Everyone’s day. A day on which to say and hear the words ‘I love you’ with no need to add anything more. Saying it with jewellery is the ideal way of making your message last forever.

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We at Joid’art have put together a special selection of jewellery that would be perfect for Mother’s Day. The new Together collection created by sculptor Sara Domènech is the star of the show. Its forms are an ode to love, to the symbiosis that exists between mother and child, a seamless whole fed by strength of feeling. But there are also many other ideas to help you find those earrings, that bracelet, pendant, ring or set that our mothers will love, and so will we.

Visit our online store or drop into one of the Joid’art stores. The gift you’re looking for is right there.




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