We have joined forces with illustrator Sara Maese to infiltrate the invisible world of nymphs and find out their secrets, what they do for fun and who their friends are. After a long time following their tracks, we managed to discover the six nymph hiding places and spend some time playing there with them. Something very few get the chance to do!

That experience enabled them to create the NIMFES jewellery collection for girls, inspired by those tiny magical characters that, although rarely seen, are closer than we think…

The nymphs of the forests, the oceans, the lakes, the deserts, the jungle and the meadows all now have their own individual pieces of jewellery in the form of small silver pendants and earrings decorated with coloured enamels.

And to help all the little girls out there find them, we have drawn up an illustrated map showing them in their natural habitat, which opens out to become a poster for their bedrooms. It includes pointers on how to tell them apart and tricks on how spot them. You can download it here. And you can find jewels in our stores and on


jewels online shop Joid'art

Illustrator Sara Maese designs fresh prints that are full of humour and feature characters living in joyful worlds. After graduating in graphic design and spending some time living in the Netherlands, she set her sights on illustration, specialising in print creation for all kinds of products. Her projects and collaborations include Charuca, ¡Ah! Magazine, Ape on the Moon, Curuuba Magazine, Frizzi Frizzi, Proyecto Postal and Coctel Demente, among others.



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