Fortunately for all of us, one day Julia Breiter decided to make the move from Germany to Barcelona and open a second-hand clothing boutique in the Raval district, where she sold minimalist pieces from the 1990s. As time went on, she began customising some of the pieces she was selling, which became very popular among her clientele. One thing led to another and she threw herself into designing. And so the Über den Wolken (‘above the clouds’ in German) brand was born which we love for the simplicity and natural charm it exudes.

Über den Wolken is synonymous with creative, unique and effortless fashion. All her garments seek simplicity. Relaxed lines, pleasing textures, no zips or buttons. Where a knot does away with all the rest. Where pure form takes the place of frills.

Her looks emanate simplicity. Light, sunshine, the outdoors and a pleasant feeling of wellbeing are reflected in everything Julia creates. Her motto: ‘the simpler, the more beautiful’. And it is precisely that simplicity that characterises the brand.


Combining her pieces with our jewellery represents a union of two universes with much in common. We share the same artistic vision; a love of all that is natural.


Putting together the outfits you can see here has been a real pleasure. Everything looked so great the only difficulty was knowing when to stop. Like what you see? Want to know where you can find them? Julia’s clothing is available from and our jewellery from and in Joid’art stores.


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