It happened. Nobody quite knows how, when or why, but one night the moon filled with light and shone so brightly that it is even said that the glow worms stopped flying to save themselves from being eclipsed. Ceramist Nuri Negre Herzing gazed at the sky calmly, from her retreat in the Valle del Llémena, and decided to convert the experience into a piece of jewellery. And that is how Keramik White was born.

According to Nuri Negre, this jewellery collection speaks to us about the night on which the moon aspired to be the sun. Keramik White exudes light, as do the women who wear it.

These are ambivalent creations that fuse gold-plated golden metal with white porcelain. Earrings, rings, necklaces and a spectacular bracelet dominated by its porcelain moon framed by simple round geometric shapes.

The white oval pieces are created one by one in the hands of the ceramist, who creates them following the same elaboration process she uses with her artwork. The strength of nature and the purity of the moon are captured within each shape, and transmitted in each piece of jewellery, with no need for any additional adornments.

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Nuri Negre Herzing is ceramic artist and psychologist. Motherhood brought her creative side to the fore, which is when she began moulding refractory clay, engobes and oxides into unique pieces of art. Her work won her first prize in the internationally recognised XVI Biennial Angelina Alós Esplugues ceramics award. She also applies her art therapy and art education training in her work for the Taller Nimbe initiative, an art space for children. This is the second collection the artist has created for Joid’art.


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