Every day has its own special charm, you just have to know where to look for it. A nice message received mid-morning. A plant that finally blooms. The pleasure of having lunch with someone. A song almost forgotten. A leisurely walk. The breeze on your face. It’s about finding beauty in the little things. Something as simple as the new Toujours jewellery collection.

Designed by the Joid’art Lab creative team, the Toujours mini-rings and earrings have been designed to be worn every day. They are a volumetric evolution of the Lilla collection that has brought us so much pleasure. The idea is to be the perfect addition to any outfit, from your most casual, to your most spontaneous styles, for unexpected moments that end up being memorable.

The collection’s minimalist design is based on basic geometric shapes (triangles, circles, squares and rectangles) that acquire volume and glow with their own light. Precisely for that reason they are available in shiny silver and shiny gold metal. They are so elemental that when you put them on you will find yourself wondering how you could have lived so long without them.


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Any day could be the best day of your life. Let life amaze you in the right jewellery.

The complete collection is available online, at, and in Joid’art stores.

Joid’art’s design team are the creative talents behind Joid’art Lab. Cristina, Berta and Valentina are the artists responsible for researching new trends, understanding how Joid’art women live, dream and think and designing the brand’s ultimate must-have jewellery collections.


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