Contemplating the Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló and Park Güell arouse feelings that are difficult to describe. Gaudí’s legacy in Barcelona goes beyond the material to touch the spirit. Gaudí’s work is all about sensations. It is magnetic. An ever-expanding creativity that has inspired our range of most iconic jewellery: the Gaudí collection.

The creative team at Joid’art Lab have reinterpreted the brilliant architect’s work for you. The collection comprises a series of contemporary jewellery that encapsulates the Mediterranean light, the power of nature, the colours of the sea and the authenticity of the artisan techniques that Gaudí so admired.


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His mosaics have evolved into enamelled earrings. His picture windows are reflected inour earrings. His rose windows are suggested in our brooches. The shapes of his railings are outlines in our rings. Gaudiesque spaces, volumes and colours are encapsulated in unique pieces that let you take away a piece of Barcelona to wear forever.

You can find these and many other creations from the Gaudí collection in our stores in Barcelona, not too far from the stunning architecture that inspired them. And wherever you may be you can also admire them in our online store,, where you can examine every last detail.



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