The power of magma, the intensity of the depths of the Earth and the impetus of a volcanic eruption were the inspiration for jeweller Carme Fàbregas to start creating the new Vulcano jewellery collection. Her creative eye reinterprets the essence of these most basic elements to focus on the capricious textures of volcanic rocks.

These are pieces that represent unusual, irregular, lightweight stones in shapes that are never repeated; each one unique. Fàbregas adds an expressive touch through her use of colour. The knobbly textures that project from each earring, bracelet, necklace and ring in the Vulcano collection feature a dégradé colour spectrum, available in three shades, which further enhances their personality.


The matte silver version featuring cold enamel in pink tones is perfect for daytime looks predominated by white, black or grey .The matte gold option featuring cold enamel in blue tones is fresher and more naïf, ideal for informal outfits with a touch of colour. And the black-plated silver finish is the most refined and sophisticated option, designed primarily for evening looks.


Vulcano is one of the first AW17 collections to be available in Joid’art stores and Would you like to know more?

Carme Fàbregas is a jeweller and gemmologist. She studied jewellery at the Escola Massana Art and Design Centre, Barcelona’s Escuela Industrial and the Goldschmiedeschule in Germany, where she first became involved in the world of cutting precious stones. Since 2007 she has been lecturing on jewellery and precious stone cutting at various jewellery schools. She has been collaborating with Joid’art since 2005, embodying her love of nature and textures in the different collections. She also produces her own range of jewellery.




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