Versatile Cris Romagosa adores art in all its aspects. She began studying nursery education, and afterwards life led her to the world of painting and from there she moved to photography. She currently complements her visual creations with words that permit her to tell stories about her work. Each one reveals something intimate, personal and sensitive.

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She was born artistically as Grafitogris, evolving into Cris Romagosa, pure and simple, without filters. Her creative maturity has been accompanied by wholly rewarding personal growth. She admits to having an ‘inner urge to create’, a drive that leads her to convert that which she carries so deeply within her into art. How she does this and why is something that we have discovered in this interview.

Cris, define yourself in three words.
Sensitive, creative, resilient.


Tell us, in general terms, about your artistic and professional career.
Both my professional and artistic career have been multidisciplinary. I studied Painting at La Llotja in Barcelona. I felt excited by art in all its forms. I had just finished my studies to be a nursery teacher and I began to incorporate creative workshops into work with the youngsters. That part is always present. I decided to study a Multimedia degree at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), and there I discovered photography. It was then that I took the plunge to work primarily with photos, and it is now that I am embracing all the disciplines and how I feel most fulfilled when working.


Painting, drawing, photography, poetry… How do you combine all these facets?
Without permitting any one tool to define me, I try to capture whatever is within me that is demanding to be expressed between the four. Without deciding which discipline serves what, each of my emotions chooses its path, and between them all I manage to define my language.


What inspires you and who are your role models?
Right now, the Internet is revealing millions of role models. I get lost in them and discover different ways to express myself, to communicate, to capture, and this inspires me on different levels. Lately, names as diverse as Paula Bonet and Walt Whitman are role models in different areas who are having an inspirational impact on me.

Out of all your work, what would you hang on the walls of your heart to remember forever? Why?
The majority of my work is done with my heart: the pieces are born within me and I accommodate them with great emotion. It is impossible for me not to work like this, but it’s not easy – in fact, quite the opposite. Each one is a different experience, with different people: each one is an adventure.


Grafitogris evolved into Cris Romagosa: what were the reasons for this transformation?
Grafitogris was created around 12 years ago now… There had been a lot of experiences: the rucksack had become very full and somewhat heavy. I feel different. I’ve grown, I’ve changed, and now, quite simply, I am myself, with all that that brings. It was a leap of faith, a new phase.

And the 12+1 photographic project: what can you tell us about it?
12+1 was born out of this transformation, from Grafitogris to Cris Romagosa, as the initial project to leave the grey behind and move into a world of colour. I have had the opportunity to work with great artists and, fortunately for me, many of them are good friends. The project will be just one more of the many that are yet to come, and which will come into being after the summer.

Are you interested in fashion? How do you engage with it?
My approach to fashion arises from the most absolute naturalness. I fall in love with fashion made from an organic, simple, inspiring and beautiful concept.

What about your relationship with jewellery: what do you usually wear? How do you choose it?
My relationship with jewellery has always been very emotional. It usually represents parts of a story. A mineral ring that was always on the elongated and incredibly creative hand of my grandmother; a fish in my second ear piercing, made by artist and great friend Maite García; a sinuous ring, the symbol of a long and beautiful story… My jewellery always has a story.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I work and I don’t work: everything merges through the different tools… My head can’t stop trying to create, continuously. I try to make time slots to meet up with friends as my work is quite solitary, and I feel quite comfortable being alone.


A colour.

A word.

A perfect stage for your photos?
The wildest landscape.

A work of art.
Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom


What are your favourite pieces of Joid’art AW17 jewellery? Why?
I like the Arp collection by Cristina Julià.


I am attracted by the voluptuous and sinuous shapes that are at the same time simple and flat. They seem to me to be lines drawn from the natural world, from rough material, from wood and rock… They are the feelings I receive and that connect with me.




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