Sunad is a brand of quality, ethically made sustainable shirts. The sort you fall in love with at first sight and you know will last for ever. They’re garments you never tire of, made from 100% natural fabrics and with exquisite care for detail.


The project was created by Ana Marroquín and Paloma Canut, graduates of New York’s prestigious Parsons School of Design, who left their jobs in 2015 to start a joint venture and give free rein to their passion for shirtmaking. From this Sunad was born and the fame of their free-spirited shirts with the hand-crafted soul has been spreading worldwide ever since.


Their versatile timeless designs can be worn day and night, summer and winter. They go with anything that’s beautiful, well made and quality-based, like the Sinuosa collection by Sara Domènech, which, she says is inspired by ‘the shapes made by a silk shirt as it’s thrown on a bed.’ You couldn’t find better synergy to unite the freedom of these shirts with the contemporaneity of our jewellery. Both interpret shapes sculpturally, in fabric, silver and gold-plated gold metal.


Sunad shirts are available on and Sinuosa jewellery in our stores and on






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