This Christmas we want to fully enjoy the little things, the things that make us dream, that excite and thrill us. The colours of nature, the immensity of the sea, the smells of the forest, the melodies of the wind, the touch of grass, the shapes of a piece of jewellery

It’s about finding the most in the least, discovering the beauty of details.


Like one feeling art’s breath for the first time,
stripped of everything, following the ways of the heart,
she penetrated miniscule landscapes.
She sought the essence of small things,
the soul of colours,
the shapes of happiness.
Then Nature gave her a gift.

Go to joidart.com or visit one of our stores and enjoy the experience of giving little thrills in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring, pendant or brooch, or a set of two, three or more pieces created by contemporary artists. We deliver them in exclusive packages with an artistic, yet natural, touch that transmits the essence of the little things.

enjoy-christmas-joidart-barcelona_contemporary-jewellery-artists-barcelona enjoy-christmas-joidart-barcelona_contemporary-jewellery-artists-barcelona enjoy-christmas-joidart-barcelona_contemporary-jewellery-artists-barcelona





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