You don’t always need a telescope to see the wonder of the galaxies that surround us…you can do exactly the same by discovering the new Galactea jewellery collection designed by sculptor Sara Domènech. It might remind you of the Sunset collection we launched this summer, which Sara has now reinterpreted to create a range of new, far more ethereal and organic pieces.

She herself poetically defines it as ‘superimposed coloured circles representing a variety of galaxies that form the fabric of the universe’. The asymmetry of Galactea’s earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets forms unique chromatic orbits in green or wine-coloured tones. Green evokes sea, sky and nature. The wine colour is reminiscent of the earth, of fire and light. These pieces are defined by sculpture in both finishes, made in scratched matte gold metal or scratched matte silver.


The collection includes a pin that is perfect for fastening a shirt, which adds a very special touch when framed by the collar.

The Galactea universe is within reach, in Joid’art stores and also online, at

Sara Domènech is a sculptor. A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Barcelona, she studied art at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht school in Holland and has been collaborating with the Joid’art creative team since 2001. She won the Eclat de Mode Paris Award for her Ingrid and Glit collections; and the Bijorhca Paris Jewellery and Fashion Award for her Lunea collection, all designed for Joid’art. She was also a finalist for the Enjoia’t 06 FAD Award.


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