The time is approaching to choose your outfits for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. It’s the perfect time to dress up in some of the proposals put forward by the designer Valentina Garí. Her vibrantly coloured velvet pieces and our Fancy and Joyce jewellery collections unite elegance and comfort in a single concept. So that you feel great, exude sophistication and stand out from the crowd.

Born in Barcelona, with a Spanish father and Italian mother, Valentina Garí has always been passionate about creativity expressed through fashion. For several years, she worked for companies in the fashion industry and in 2014 she decided to launch her own collection to express simplicity and serenity using pure lines, fabrics with movement and unique colours.


For this party season, Valentina wants to clothe you in dresses and long skirts with side slits, shirts with tuxedo collars and open backs in the shape of a tear. Here at Joid’art we suggest you enhance them with two jewellery collections created especially for the occasion: Fancy, by Berta Riera, is pearl jewellery that breaks stereotypes. Its design is the union of delicateness and radicalism. Joyce, by Carme Fàbregas, comprises pieces in black and gold that convey sober, unfussy elegance.



Choose your perfect item of clothing at And your earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in our stores or at

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