I see landscapes where time sways. Infinite horizons of waves. I hear nature beat. I feel the magnetism of the plants that surround me. Stems in capricious forms. Intense colours. Scents fresh like the breeze. The Mediterranean light caresses my skin. I wear flowers. I’m wrapped in sea. I close my eyes. I let myself be carried away…


Joid’art’s SS18 collections understand nature as an accessory. This is warm jewellery that transports us to still-wild corners of the Mediterranean, where the sea and the plants sketch surprising shapes. Water, flowers and rocks. Landscapes occupied by singular volumes and textures that artists Berta Riera, Olivia Barthe, Dalia Jurado, Carme Fàbregas and Sara Domènech have captured in unique creations. Pieces with organic lines that emerge almost spontaneously. Wild necklaces. Earrings with movement of their own. Bracelets with free outlines. Rings with vegetal souls. Genuine compositions within an ecosystem balanced by beauty.


You can find them in the Joid’art stores and on

Art Direction Cristina Julià
Photograpy Mireia Grau
Model Isabel Montoliu
Stylist Debora Traite
Makeup Alizia Moreno
Making of photo Valentina Kalaydjian
Creative copy Elisabet Baurier


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