TRAMUNTANA IN SPRING creator Inma Soria is the star of this celebration of colour and nature that is our spring editorial. She is pictured wearing pieces from the Tramuntana jewellery collection she has designed for Joid’art. Pieces that transmit a ‘breath of freedom’ and invite us to enjoy the approaching warm days to the full.

The undulating patterns sketched by the wind on an infinite ocean of waves inspired Inma to create these rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings; an ode to spontaneity and comfort. The collection’s forms represent an endless dance, embracing your body and taking on a multitude of nuances.


Its pieces have been crafted by Joid’art’s team of artisans in silver and gold-plated gold metal. Choose the finish that feels best next to your skin. You’ll find them in our stores and on

Inma Soria is an architect, online influencer and interior designer. On finishing her university studies, she travelled to a number of different countries around Europe before finally returning to Valencia, from where she pens the content for her blog,, and other social media outlets to which thousands of dedicated fans refer for advice on outfits, fashion and accessories. She also collaborates as a designer with a range of fashion and jewellery brands.


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