For centuries, Mediterranean cultures have explored the craft of mosaics. Our Greek, Roman and Mesopotamian ancestors used them to decorate their walls, and the fascination towards creating art from these tiny pieces has prevailed until today, with magnificent examples from artists such as Gaudí, Franz Spohn, Pete Manson and Emma Karp. Today, jewellery designer Berta Riera exhibits her special tribute to this craft in the Moitie Aribau collection.

They are pieces that take us back to our essence. To the beauty of minimal detail, to simplicity as a way of life, to the language of colour. It’s dazzling rays of light in water, combining the blue of the sea with the golden sun, applying turquoise enamel over golden metals bathed in gold. Creations that remind us of summer, freshness and spontaneity.


The coarse texture of these pieces transports us back to the first mosaics crafted by the Ancient Greeks, to the essence of imperfect geometries. The Joid’art craftsmen and women create earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets for the handmade collection, joining each piece carefully together until they form real jewels that will never again be replicated. Their character is formed by their originality.


You can experience the Moitie Aribau mosaics up close in our stores and online at

The jewellery designer Berta Riera studied art, design and jewellery at the Escola Massana Art and Design Centre in Barcelona and the École Boulle art school in Paris. She has worked in a number of jewellery workshops, combining this with developing her own brand, with which she has participated internationally in exhibitions and trade fairs. She has also created fashion accessories for brands such as Massimo Dutti, Mango, Carolina Herrera, Uterqüe, Desigual and Pepe Jeans.


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