The work of Gaudí is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the designers who collaborate with Joid’art. Jewellery designer and gemmologist Carme Fàbregas has analysed the wrought ironwork produced by the great architect to develop the new Forge jewellery collection. Want to know more?

Gaudi’s father and grandfathers were boilermakers by trade and this family link to the forge provided him with an insider’s knowledge of its secrets. He frequently used wrought ironwork to finish and adorn his buildings in the form of bars, railings, doors and even some furniture, all of which survives to this day, still retaining its unique character.


Carme Fàbregas has carried out a detailed study of the organic and sinuous forms cast in wrought iron by Gaudí and has simplified them to create the sculptural pieces that make up the Forge collection. The collection consists of a contemporary range of bracelets, rings , necklaces and earrings with forms that, when worn, flow with total spontaneity. So delicate and unique they can’t fail to make an impression. They take on different nuances according to your style. According to the way you wear them. According to the way they move you.


Matt silver or matt gold-plated metal, which would you choose? Discover the complete collection in our stores and online at to decide.

Carme Fàbregas is a jeweller and gemmologist. She studied jewellery at the Escola Massana Art and Design Centre, Barcelona’s Escuela Industrial and the Goldschmiedeschule in Germany, where she first became involved in the world of cutting precious stones. Since 2007 she has been lecturing on jewellery and precious stone cutting at various jewellery schools. She has been collaborating with Joid’art since 2005, embodying her love of nature and textures in the different collections. She also produces her own range of jewellery.

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