I am air. Light and ethereal, the wind through which birds soar. At the same time, I am water. Free, fresh, energetic. And land. With roots that tie me to the olive groves and to my ancestors’ homes. But, above all, I am light. The dawn awakening in ochre. Organic shadows resting on my skin. A glass prism in its mineral form. The fragile reflection of a ceramic vase. I carry the Mediterranean in every drop of my being. And I like it.


Our new creations for AW18, inspired by Mediterranean nature. Each shape is a journey towards spaces of organic creativity. Pieces that have washed ashore on the rolling tide. A watercolour suspended in the breeze. Free textures that flow between enveloping contours. Jewels and bodies united as one.


They are collections with soul. Those by Berta Riera and Cristina Julià are born at Joid’art itself. Others are fostered in co-creation with Carme Fàbregas and Sara Domènech. And then there are collaborations, like the one developed with jeweller Martina Pont. Different formulas bring pieces to life, sharing harmony and singularity. The metalsmiths at Joid’art mould these designs by hand with a precision acquired over time and with the passion of someone who adores their craft.


You can find them in the Joid’art stores and on


Art Direction Cristina Julià
Photograpy Mireia Grau
Model Alba Barón
Stylist Debora Traite
Makeup Alizia Moreno
Making of photo Valentina Kalaydjian
Creative copy Elisabet Baurier

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