New, waxing, full or waning. The moon is always there, even when it is out of sight. We can always feel it. Right now, for example. Its phases have a powerful influence over us and our life rhythms. They regulate us. They inspire us. They sustain us. We all have a connection to the moon. Cristina Julià appreciates that and pays homage to the moon with the new Luna jewellery collection.

The Joid’art designer and creative director has been inspired by ‘a magic moon and its phases’ to create this collection of contemporary jewellery. Its pieces, which are both volumetric and delicate, provide an abstract expression of the different lunar phases. A range of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that sit against the skin with the same delicacy as moonlight dancing on the water. They are available in a matte silver finish, for days when the moon is luminous and serene, as well as in matte gold-plated metal, for intense, rippling moonlit moments.


Gaze at the Luna jewellery collection in all its phases from the observatory of our stores and our online store.

Cristina Julià is an artist and graphic designer. Family tradition is what bonds her and Joid’art. She studied Fine Arts (UAB) and Graphic Design (EINA). Her experience in the creative field was forged by working at different graphic design and branding agencies in Barcelona; in the development of her personal artistic projects; and in what has been her main activity in recent years: creative brand management.

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