The September breeze brings us fresh ideas for outfits inspired by art and colour. Uniting two creations with the Joid’art spirit and a unique essence: scarves and jewellery. The scarves form part of the Garbí textile collection, the result of a joint creative venture with artist Pau Batlle. The jewellery hails from the Expressionista collection, created by the team at the Joid’art Lab.

Inspirited by the colours that the Garbí wind paints over the waves of the Mediterranean, artist Pau Batlle is the master behind the exclusive prints in this collection of silk polyester scarves hand-crafted in Barcelona workshops especially for Joid’art’s AW18 season.


The pictorial nature of the scarves is combined together with the new collection of Expressionista jewellery. The collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets in shapes that echo marbled watercolour with irregular silhouettes. Metal canvases that take on colour thanks to a delicate digital screen-printing process. The silver jewellery features colour gradients in burgundy hues; while the gold-plated metal pieces feature shades of turquoise.

The two creations go together perfectly due to their shared artistic language, the empathy between the colours and the endless possibilities that their chromatic dialogue suggests. Both ranges are available in our Joid’art stores and online at

Pau Batlle started out by studying art and ceramics at the Escola Massana Arts and Design school in Barcelona and architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). Having spent years focused on architecture, he returned to painting in 2009 and, through the sensuous medium of silk and the textures formed by watercolours, now creates his textile prints inspired by Barcelona and the Mediterranean.

Joid’art’s design team are the creative talents behind Joid’art Lab. Cristina, Berta and Valentina are the artists responsible for researching new trends, understanding how Joid’art women live, dream and think and designing the brand’s ultimate must-have jewellery collections.

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