Revisited is a Barcelona-based women’s clothing brand. It was founded in 2010 by textile designer Adriana Sanz and industrial designer Joris Debo, who aimed to create effortless pieces that transcend season and trend. Our jewellery and their designs share a common understanding, forged with the same emotional bonds, and become instantly complicit.

Revisited garments are made with natural materials; they are easy and comfortable to wear and designed to last beyond the fancy for “the latest thing”. They seek to offer an alternative to fast, throw-away fashion, setting themselves apart from the crowd by putting the focus on craftmanship.


Their manufacturing process reflects a commitment to sustainability and ethical production. Opting for the simple life, the undeniable soul of the brand is the belief that less is more. In other words, their work is based on a life philosophy and way of understanding their products that fully echoes our own approach at Joid’art.


We brought our jewellery and their AW18 collection together and the autumnal light gently flowed in through the window. You can track our creations down in Joid’art stores and online at Discover Revisited’s range of cosy clothing in their online store,


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