The Mediterranean forms part of our soul. Water, earth and olive trees. We carry its essence deep within. That of its nature and of those who have inhabited its shores since days of old. Its beaches and its forests. Its art and its gods. Its beauty and its jewellery. That’s the way designer Berta Riera feels. A feeling she has transposed into her new Athenea collection.

The artist defines Athenea as ‘an odyssey to discover the essence of the goddess of the Mediterranean’. To create the pieces in the collection, she has delved into Greek mythology, reawakening the powerful goddess Athena who, with her wisdom, became the mother of a civilization that still lives on today in our perception of the world. The Mediterranean coast is home to numerous temples erected in her honour. To observe them is to contemplate harmony.


And the striations of their columns stand at the creative heart of this collection. Berta has curved and encapsulated them within a range of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces that represent pure simplicity while delivering powerful geometric impact. Their forms are a contemporary representation inspired by the Hellenic past.

Picture your forearm adorned with the double bracelet or your hair worn up to reveal a pair of Athenea collection earrings…truly breathtaking, right? You will find them in the Joid’art high street stores and online at, in both matte silver and matte gold-plated metal finishes.

The jewellery designer Berta Riera studied art, design and jewellery at the Escola Massana Art and Design Centre in Barcelona and the École Boulle art school in Paris. She has worked in a number of jewellery workshops, combining this with developing her own brand, with which she has participated internationally in exhibitions and trade fairs. She has also created fashion accessories for brands such as Massimo Dutti, Mango, Carolina Herrera, Uterqüe, Desigual and Pepe Jeans.

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