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The Joid’art workshop is surrounded by nature. The fresh mountain air comes in through the windows along with the murmur of the River Ter. It’s peaceful. You can hear children laughing in the distance on their way to school and the ‘good mornings’ of the locals as they cross paths. Life moves at a different pace here; it’s more relaxed, natural.

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Joidart Barcelona and eseOese outfit

New Daily hoop earring collection is as urban as a city skyline, as comfortable as a pair of ballet flats you can wear all day long and as basic as a black tee. Their triangular, square, oval and elongated shapes inspire super simple outfits. Looks that feature loose jersey knits with a touch of boho chic, like those by eseOese. We love everything they do.

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¿Who believes crochet is out of fashion? Lenny is spontaneous double circles in silver covered in colored black or red thread embroidered with the crocheting technique. A delight of the designer Sílvia Rodó.  

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