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The sensation of diving into the water. That freshness that seeps through every cell of our bodies. Appreciate the vastness of a fascinating world in which we are but miniscule guests. Feel the embrace of the water. Discover the multitude of wondrous forms and underwater landscapes. Swim back to the surface and float there. Close your eyes and soak in the incredible beauty. Feel the heat of the sun on your skin. Know that summer has arrived, and with it, the jewellery collection that bears its name.

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Mi&Co is a swimwear, beachwear and daywear clothing brand based in Barcelona and inspired by the island of Formentera. 100% Mediterranean, the brand’s philosophy is based on capturing the essence of the island and sharing it, with a touch of bohemian style, through its collections. As they themselves describe it: ‘fashion with its feet in the water’, which we couldn’t wait to see shimmering in our sea of jewellery.

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Pepaloves is a brand that one falls in love with at first sight. Its cheerful, innocent and colourful clothes have an alternative look to them, with an underground feel that gives them a special personality all their own. At Joid’art we are totally enamoured by their patterns and simple cuts that keep monotony at bay. Our SS17 jewellery is a perfect match for their creations.

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Joidart Barcelona and eseOese outfit

New Daily hoop earring collection is as urban as a city skyline, as comfortable as a pair of ballet flats you can wear all day long and as basic as a black tee. Their triangular, square, oval and elongated shapes inspire super simple outfits. Looks that feature loose jersey knits with a touch of boho chic, like those by eseOese. We love everything they do.

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