Migrate Art presents ‘From the Ashes’ a Fundraising Exhibition and auction


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Migrate Art, the pioneering arts organisation that harnesses the power of creativity to support the world’s most vulnerable communities, presents its latest project, From the AshesThe aim of this campaign is to raise funds for two Indigenous Associations of Upper Xingu, in the Amazon Rainforest. Their land has been heavily targeted by illegal deforestation.

Above image:Production of From the Ashes material at Cranfield


Migrate Art and People’s Palace Projects visit to the Xingu territory in 2022, detail of burned areas of the rainforest.


From the Ashes Exhibition & Auction

Produced with the London-based Arts Research Centre People’s Palace Projects, From the Ashes comprises an exhibition of new works by 29 contemporary artists – Indigenous and non-Indigenous – from around the world, including Cornelia Parker, Idris Khan, Loie Hollowell, Richard Long, Shezad Dawood and Tacita Dean, which will be on view at The Truman Brewery in London in February 2024 and go on sale as part of Christie’s Post War & Contemporary Day and First Open sales in March 2024.

These illustrious artists have joined forces to create unique From the Ashes pieces, using paints, inks and pastels formulated from the ash and charcoal salvaged from the burnt remnants of the Amazon, created in partnership Jackson’s Art Supplies.

These works will be auctioned at Christie’s with proceeds supporting the resistance of the Xingu people, and sustain Indigenous fire brigades through purchasing equipment and funding training programmes. The funds raised will be used to develop Indigenous-led reforestation projects across the Xingu territories in order to help the forest recover.


Amazon Burning Dreams, 2023
Richard Long
From the Ashes Materials


Motivated by the extreme conditions and rising temperatures that have been in the news recently, Migrate art founder Simon Butler joined a trip with People’s Palace Projects in the Brazilian Amazon in July 2022, spending time with the Wauja and Kuikuro people who are resisting deforestation and climate change within their home. The village leaders took Butler to the burned areas of the forest to show him the illegal logging that was done to make room for cattle and soybeans. He was allowed to take back the ash and charcoal. Building on the success of Migrate Art’s previous large-scale ventures Multicolour and Scorched Earth, From the Ashes is centred around the idea of transforming the destruction of the Xingu territory into creation, addressing the urgent need for conservation and protection of the Amazon Rainforest, and support the fight of the communities who call it home.


Children of the Xingu Territory in 2022


The Xingu

The Xingu, a protected Indigenous territory of over 2.6 million hectares in the South Basin Rainforest of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, is home to 16 Indigenous communities including the Wauja and the Kuikuro people. 16 Indigenous communities live on the Xingu, including the Wauja people and the Kuikuro. One of the world’s most ethnically and linguistically diverse Indigenous territories, it is also the largest remaining island of tropical forest in the Brazilian Amazon’s arc of deforestation. The Xingu is one of the most important barriers to deforestation within the Amazon. Over the past decade intensive farming, indiscriminate usage of pesticides (including glyphosate), the expansion of cattle and mining, land grabbing and deforestation outside the territory, have altered the regional hydroclimate, increasing the frequency and intensity for forest fires. This project is in partnership with the Waujas of the Ulupuwene and Kuikuros of the Ipatse villages.


Migrate Art and People’s Palace Projects visit to the Xingu territory in 2022


Simon Butler talks about his experience in Amazon Rainforest, and the upcoming exhibit:

“Visiting the Amazon and the Indigenous Xingu communities has brought me face-to-face with the stark reality of the devastation of the rainforest – it has been a sharp wake-up call. From the Ashes aims to continue raising awareness of the climate crisis, which affects everyone – after my visit, I felt compelled to do everything in my power to support the Xingu communities in their fight against deforestation. In bringing together the works of contemporary and Indigenous artists, we hope to offer a new platform for discussion and action on this crisis. We arrived as strangers, but we left as friends, and I feel compelled to do all that I can to help the Xingu people in their fight to save the rainforest.”


Migrate Art and People’s Palace Projects visit to the Xingu territory in 2022



Migrate Art has partnered with Jackson’s Art, Unison Colour and Cranfield Colours who have formulated paint, ink, and pastels from this ash and charcoal, and sent these unique materials to high profile contemporary and Indigenous artists across the world. This has led to a wide range of exceptional artworks and a timely exhibition.



From the Ashes Artist kits

Unison Colour Handmade Pastel

Jackson’s Artist Oil 60 ml tube

Jackson’s Professional Acrylic 60 ml tube

Cranfield Traditional Relief Ink, 15 ml Tube

Cranfield Liquid Ink – 50 ml

Real Ash in 30ml Jar

Real Charcoal Lump in Paper Pack



Jackson’s have We have 100 of these Artist Kits in our online store. The proceeds and profits we make from selling the kits online are used to provide vital support to Xingu Indigenous Communities, such as firefighting gear, reforestation initiatives, and monitoring technology in the villages.


Shop for From the Ash Artist Kits at jacksonsart.com


Cranfield is producing From the Ashes materials


Unison Colour is now producing soft pastels called From the Ashes.


From the Ashes Cranfield Traditional Relief Ink in 15 ml Tube


Unison Colour is now producing soft pastels called From the Ashes.


Exhibition: The Truman Brewery, Wednesday 21st – Sunday 25th February, 2024

Auction: Christie’s Post War and Contemporary Day Sale, Saturday 9th March 2024



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Shop jacksonsart.com for From the Ash Artist Kits


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